Since 1972 Action for Children has been providing childcare and early learning services to the central Ohio community. Our community has undergone extraordinary changes in the last forty years. Together we’ve experienced economic growth as well downturns.  Businesses have opened and closed, neighborhoods have changed, and a dramatic increase in migrant populations has shifted the culture and feel of our ever expanding society.

At Action for Children, we too have changed. Our staff size has fluctuated, our location has moved and our current offices have undergone renovations, services have changed to accommodate the diversity of our neighborhoods. Through it all our mission and values have remained the same.  Action for Children has remains a reliable source for parents and providers and this is an area in which we will never waiver. Parents from all walks of life will be faced with the daunting task of finding safe and affordable childcare. Respectively, we will continue to assist them and help them navigate the process. Our staff is dedicated to serving the community, because it is our community, we understand the importance of giving parents peace of mind and keeping children safe because we are parents and children.

As our neighborhood expands and younger generations flock to social media as a means of communication, Action for Children is extending its voice through various social media platforms. However, for those who prefer a reassuring voice, we remain only a phone call away. Our agency is small but our mission is big. It is our intention that through this blog we can provide you, the reader, with information on a wide array of topics such as advice for disciplining a child, fun playtime ideas for kids, as well as an inside look at some of the programs and services we offer. Can you imagine it, a parenting guide that is actually enjoyable to read? Well, we can. So come play, laugh, and learn with us on The Playground!

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